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Wedding cakes

Lace Wedding Cake

Black & White Tiffany Wedding Cake

Beach Wedding Cake

Hand Painted Wedding Cake

Pink Tiffany Cake


Lego ‘Roll Back’ Wedding Cake

Children’s cakes

Cute VW Kombi Cake
Cute VW Kombi Cake
Lightening McQueen Cake
Cars Lightning McQueen Cake Tutorial
Angry Birds cake
Angry Birds cake Tutorial
13 Tardis complete
Dr Who Tardis Cake Tutorial
Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship Cake Tutorial
Ballet shoes cake
Ballet Shoes Cake Tutorial
Abbey Monster High Cake
Abby Monster High Cake Tutorial
Draculaura Cake
Draculaura Cake Tutorial
Millennium Falcon Black background
Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cake Tutorial
Star Wars Death Star Cake
Star Wars Death Star Cake Tutorial
R2D2 Cake
Star Wars R2D2 Cake Tutorial. This tutorial is offline at the moment being updated. Should be back online sometime soon.
Star Wars Jawa Cake Tutorial
Bumblebee Transformer Cake
Bumblebee Transformer Cake Tutorial
Spiderman Cake
Spiderman Cake Tutorial
Ben 10 Cake Tutorial
Ben 10 Cake Tutorial
Pink Tatty Teddy Christening Cake Tutorial
Pink Tatty Teddy Christening Cake Tutorial
 for Lexi 1mb
Hannah Montana Cake Tutorial
Transformers Cake Tutorial
Transformers Cake Tutorial

Special occasion cakes

Thong cake (Flip-flop cake)

Rainbow cake

Rainbow Layer Cake

80s Theme cake

Frangipani Chocolate Box cake

Wine Bottle in a Crate Cake


Iced cookies

Bride and Groom iced cookies

Easter Iced cookies

Valentine heart iced cookies

Butterfly iced cookies

Valentine buttery sugar iced cookies


How to Make Ganache and cover your cake with it

Wedding Cake Pops

Easter Cookie Tutorial


2 thoughts on “tutorial index

  1. Hi ,
    Love your creations, I have started making cakes as a hobby and loving it, just a few things I do not feel confident on , hope you don’t mind me asking ?

    I am making a wedding cake, for a friend and they want white mud rainbow cake 3 teir , do you think , it will stack well , it also needs to be gluten free , do you have any recommendations on a good recipe
    Thanks Rosy

    1. I often make white mud rainbow cake and it is very easy to stack. I have not made a GF version but you could practise with GF flour. You could make your own GF flour from recipes on the net as they are better than shop bought ones. Cheers Bernice

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