Lace Wedding Cake Tutorial

Champagne and Lace

This fabulous cake took a good many hours to complete but I think it was worth every minute of my time. In the YouTube video below I explain how to make the lace look decoration on 3 tiers of this cake. If you are not keen on YouTube then just read on and I will explain.

I would like to show you how to achieve a stunning lace effect on a cake using stencils and piping.
To get the best possible results use a different colour of stencil icing from the colour of your cake.

Champagne and Lace

This cake is champagne and the Icing for the stencil is white.

Stencil pack

I used 3 of the set of 4 Designer Stencils.

3 stencils
I will be stencilling the second from top tier of this 4 tiered cake, the tier with the buttons.

Champagne and Lace

As this tier will be stencilled all over I will need to position my stencil vertically and fix in position with pins or tooth picks.
Mix up some white Royal Icing (RI) till it forms soft peaks and apply a thin coat using a bendy scrapper.


I made my scrappers in various widths from square and rectangular Lurpak / margarine tubs.

Bendy Scrapers 1mb
You can remove the stencil before it dries. You will, however, need to wait till the RI dries before re-attaching the stencil for the next section (5 – 10 mins)
Once you have stencilled the sides of the cake, this tier requires that you stencil on top. Try to align the stencil with the pattern on the sides and complete in segments.
To get the full lace effect on your finished cake you will need to outline all the stencilled flowers and leaves with RI using a piping bag fitted with a small tip ( 00, 0 or 1 ). This is very time consuming but gives a fabulous lacy texture to your cake.

Champagne and Lace

Tier with buttons 1mb


Champagne and Lace

Champagne and Lace


Champagne and Lace
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5 thoughts on “Lace Wedding Cake Tutorial

  1. Stunning cake and thank you for the tutorial. Can I ask what brand and colour food colouring did you use for the cake?

    1. I use a very small amount of Wilton’s gel colour in Ivory. It is a wonderful colour. If unavailable just use brown and green in extra small amounts on a tester piece of icing and vary amounts of each until you get the result you need.

  2. What a beautiful cake. I am in the uk and would love to follow your design for my daughters wedding. May I ask the sizes of each tiers? Also, the stencil you used, is it the same as a spray paint stencil? Thank you so much for your kind help.

    1. 4″ round x 3.8″ high:
      5.5″ round x 4.8″ high:
      6.5″ Dummy tier x 3″ high:
      8.5″ round x 6.8″ high.
      You could alter these sizes a little with no great consequence.
      Yes I am sure that a spray paint stencil will do.

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