Transformers Cake Tutorial

This was a small 5.5″ diameter cake to feed 10 children.
Dark Chocolate Mud Cake (from Planet Cake Cookbook)
Ingredients for 5.5″ cake
80g  butter
80g  dark choc
10g  coffee
60ml  water
50g  SR
50g  plain
20g  cocoa
1/4 tsp  bicarb
180g  caster
1.5  eggs
3  tsp oil
40ml  buttermilk
Dark Chocolate Ganache 
450g dark chocolate, finely chopped
225ml pure cream
RED: 600g sugar-paste to cover entire cake

GREY: 200g Background for mask and number plate
BLACK: 200g Mask and number
To find out how to make the mud-cake and ganache filling please visit my Ben Ten Cake blogTo Decorate your Transformer Cake

Download the shape below from here and resize to fit your cake if necessary and print it out. Then cut out the basic outline. Use this as a template to cut out a slightly larger (2 cms) shape which you will use to cut out the blank grey sugar-paste background for the mask.

Attach the grey shape to the cake using a little Royal Icing to stick it down.

Next, cut out all the separate pieces of the mask and use them as templates to cut out the pieces of black sugar-paste.

Attach each piece to the grey background making sure that the pieces are in the right place.

To make the plaque and the number 5, simply cut out a square of grey and attach it with some Royal Icing to the front of the cake.
Make an indent at each corner of the plaque with the end of a small paint brush (or similar) roll 4 small balls of grey sugar-paste and place in the holes with a tiny drop of water painted on as glue. Cut out a number 5 in black with a cutter and attach.

To transfer the letters onto the board just stick your printed word onto the board with sticky tape and trace round each letter with a pointed metal tip pressing quite heavily. You will see the imprint of the lettering on the board if you look closely.

Pipe the letters with some Royal Icing
I designed this image with a maori influence for a  T-shirt printer in Burieigh.
Who would have thought I would be making a TF cake not long after!

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