Spiderman Cake

The idea for this cake came from the Spiderman 4 wallpaper below
I copied the spider and the number 4 to cut out in black and red sugar paste.
If you would like a larger sized spider  to print out just visit my ‘Free Stuff’ page.
The cake itself is a 7″ round Dark Chocolate Mud Cake filled and covered in Dark Chocolate Ganache and sugar-paste.
135g butter
135g dk choc
15g coffee
100ml water
75g SR
75g plain
30g cocoa
.3 tsp bicarb
295g caster
2.5 eggs
4.5 tsp oil
60ml buttermilk
735g dark chocolate
365ml pure cream
740g  red sugar-paste, I used Cake Art coloured sugar-paste
75g black sugar-paste, I used Cake Art coloured sugar-paste
The fondant can be make by colouring white (Ready to Roll) RTR fondant such as Bakels or the supermarket alternative, Orchard with red gel colour such as Wilton gel or Americolor.
For directions on how to make the cake click here but please note that cooking time for the 7″ round cake is approximately 1hr 20mins at 150C. For more help making and using ganache click here.
I piped the spider’s web in black RI (Royal Icing). Click here for the recipe.
I used one quarter of the recipe (the egg powder recipe) and had more than enough. Use a 12″ piping bag with a #2 tip
To make the spider, roll out the black sugar-paste quite thinly and leave it for an hour or two to harden a little before cutting out your shapes using the template.
Spiderman cake plus those eyes
Spiderman cake plus those eyes