Bumblebee Transformer Cake

Dark Chocolate Mud Cake (from Planet Cake Cookbook)
Ingredients for 7″ cake
135 g  butter
135 g  dark choc
15 g  coffee
100 ml  water
75 g  SR
75 g  plain
30 g  cocoa
1/4 tsp  bicarb
300 g  caster
3  eggs
5  tsp oil
60 ml  buttermilk
Dark Chocolate Ganache 
735 g dark chocolate, finely chopped
365 ml pure cream
BLACK: 800g sugar-paste to cover entire cake

YELLOW: 300g Mask and number plate
To find out how to make the mud-cake and ganache filling please visit my Ben Ten Cake blogTo Decorate your Transformer Cake

Download the shape below from here and resize to fit your cake if necessary and print it out.

Cut out all the separate pieces of the mask and use them as templates to cut out the pieces of yellow sugar-paste.

Attach each piece to the top of the cake making sure that the pieces are in the right place.

To make the plaque and the number 4, simply cut out a square of yellow and attach it with some Royal Icing, edible glue or water to the front of the cake.
Cut out a number 4 in yellow and another in black with a cutter and attach, first the yellow and then the black.

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