Transformers Cake Tutorial

This was a small 5.5″ diameter cake to feed 10 children.
Dark Chocolate Mud Cake (from Planet Cake Cookbook)
Ingredients for 5.5″ cake
80g  butter
80g  dark choc
10g  coffee
60ml  water
50g  SR
50g  plain
20g  cocoa
1/4 tsp  bicarb
180g  caster
1.5  eggs
3  tsp oil
40ml  buttermilk
Dark Chocolate Ganache 
450g dark chocolate, finely chopped
225ml pure cream
RED: 600g sugar-paste to cover entire cake

GREY: 200g Background for mask and number plate
BLACK: 200g Mask and number
To find out how to make the mud-cake and ganache filling please visit my Ben Ten Cake blogTo Decorate your Transformer Cake

Download the shape below from here and resize to fit your cake if necessary and print it out. Then cut out the basic outline. Use this as a template to cut out a slightly larger (2 cms) shape which you will use to cut out the blank grey sugar-paste background for the mask.

Attach the grey shape to the cake using a little Royal Icing to stick it down.

Next, cut out all the separate pieces of the mask and use them as templates to cut out the pieces of black sugar-paste.

Attach each piece to the grey background making sure that the pieces are in the right place.

To make the plaque and the number 5, simply cut out a square of grey and attach it with some Royal Icing to the front of the cake.
Make an indent at each corner of the plaque with the end of a small paint brush (or similar) roll 4 small balls of grey sugar-paste and place in the holes with a tiny drop of water painted on as glue. Cut out a number 5 in black with a cutter and attach.

To transfer the letters onto the board just stick your printed word onto the board with sticky tape and trace round each letter with a pointed metal tip pressing quite heavily. You will see the imprint of the lettering on the board if you look closely.

Pipe the letters with some Royal Icing
I designed this image with a maori influence for a  T-shirt printer in Burieigh.
Who would have thought I would be making a TF cake not long after!

Ben 10 Cake Tutorial

Ben 10 Birthday Cake

When I am designing a new cake I like to gather all my ideas and resources together before I start.

I put all my images on one page and then take a screenshot. I have an iMac and I simply Preview/File/Take Screen Shot.
Screen Shot
Cake tin and cake boards
  • 11.5″ diameter tin
  • 11.5″ diameter thin card cake board. This board help you to move the cake around when you are decorating it and as the cake shrinks a little during baking, this board becomes a guide when ganaching. As you pull your spatula round the ganached cake to smooth it just press against the card board circle underneath as a guide and you will get the perfect thickness.
  • 16″ diameter 6mm thick cake board. The cake will be heavy so you need a strong base. I use a pedestal base for this cake but I would normally have used a 6mm thick cake board.
Dark Chocolate Mud Cake (from Planet Cake Cookbook)
Ingredients for 11.5″ cake
359g butter
359g dk choc
41g coffee
261ml water
204g SR
204g plain
82g cocoa
.8 tsp bicarb
784g caster
6.5 eggs
11.4 tsp oil
163ml buttermilk
Dark Chocolate Ganache
Ingredients for 11.5″ cake
1960g dark chocolate, finely chopped
980ml pure cream
GREY 1700g sugar-paste to cover entire cake and other bits and pieces.BLACK 500g cake details

GREEN 400g watch dial and trousers.
YELLOW: Lettering
WHITE: No.5 and figurine top
FLESH: Face and hands
Dark Chocolate Mud Cake Method
  1. Preheat the oven to 160C. Grease the tin and line the base and sides with a collar that extends 2 cm above the top of the tin.
  2. Put the butter, chocolate, coffee and water in a saucepan and stir over low heat until melted, then remove from the heat.
  3. Sift the flours, cocoa and bicarbonate of soda into a large bowl. Stir in the sugar and make a well in the centre. Add the combined egg, oil and buttermilk and the chocolate mixture, stirring with a large spoon until completely combined.
  4. Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 2 hours (for 11’5″cake) or until a skewer poked into the centre of the cake comes out clean, though it may be a little sticky. Leave the cake in the tin until cold.
Dark Chocolate Ganache Method
  1. Put the chocolate pieces in a large bowl
  2. Put the cream in a saucepan and bring to boiling point. Pour the cream over the chopped chocolate and mix with a hand whisk until the ganache is smooth. (Do not use an electric whisk, as you will create too many air bubbles in the ganache.)
  3. Allow to cool completely and then leave to set overnight.

Baking Diary

Colour sugar-paste
Make ganache
Bake cake
Wrap cake in foil and place in fridge overnight. (I use my bar fridge as the temperature is not too low)
Cut finger nails. There is nothing worse than making a mark with your long nails on your completed cake just before your guests arrive
Take cake out of fridge first thing in the morning and allow to come to room temp.
Torte and ganache cake then leave it to set.
Once set cover with sugar-paste.
DAY 3 
Decorate and complete the job.
DAY 4 
Stuff up day. You never know what might happen when making a cake so always pencil in a stuff up day.
 DAY 5  
The day of the party
Day 1
Wilton Icing colour pastes, Bakels Ready to Roll (RTR) white sugar-paste in 7kg box and some left over coloured sugar-pastes from previous projects.
I like to keep sugar-paste in cheap freezer bags inside zip lock bags like these ones from IKEA
Add colour to the sugar-paste with a knife, cutting into the paste a little so that the colour doesn’t squidge out when you start to kneed it in. All up I used 28g of black Wilton icing colour on this cake. I had meant to buy ready made black sugar-paste but forgot that the online supplier was off till 10 Jan!
I actually made about 2200g of grey coloured sugar-paste first then converted 500g of it to black. Making the coloured sugar-paste early in the week gives the sugar-paste time to unwind and time for the colour to intensify. This picture is just the start of tinting to grey
Making the baking strips using Aluminium Foil and two old drying cloths (damp)
Tin is double lined and baking strips attached.
My lovely 6.7 litre Kenwood Major Titanium mixer
K beater up and batter ready to go!
Use a pastry brush (or similar) to ‘paint’ the top of the cake with boiled water to keep it moist and save cracking. Then cover with a clean tea cloth to reduce evaporation.
I remove the baking strips once they can be handled or use oven gloves to remove them.
Let cake cool completely before taking the cake out of the tin.
Wrap the cake well in cling film (do not squash cake) and put in fridge till morning.

Day 2

Covering the cake with sugar-paste
Excess trimmed off

Day 3

Design for top of cake
Cutting plan
Using the template to cut out the shapes
Ben 10 becomes Cameron 5
I used Franklin Gothic Heavy font in photoshop to get as close to the Ben 10 font as I could. I had to make the letters broader and the spaces between each letter much smaller. I also moved some letters up and down to make the effect a little crooked. All of this was done in the ‘Character box’. I then duplicated the layer and added a stroke and a drop shadow. Too easy!
Adding the lettering, one letter at a time.

Day 4

This is stuff up day so if everything has gone to plan you can put your feet up!
Day 5
Party time!

Figurine was made without Tylose powder. I forgot to buy some yet again.  Baby Ben 10 would have looked so much better if I had added some of the Tylose powder to the sugar-paste.